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May's Newsletter - Happy Mother's Day, Spring Home Maintenance, and Motorcycle Safety

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Happy Mother's Day

Amber and her mom, Loraine

Our Mothers are the foundation of our families and a source of unconditional love. They are always there to guide and nurture us, offering wisdom, kindness, and support. They pick us up, cheer us on and remind us

to believe in ourselves. We are grateful to have such incredible mothers in our lives.

Delia and her mom ,Vicki at Zoo Lights Display
Brandy, his mother, Mary, And Amber at Mount Rushmore

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Loraine, Brandy's mom, Mary, and Delia's mom, Vicki. And Happy Mother's Day to all our clients and friends who are Mothers. The world is better because of you. ❤


Spring Home Maintenance

A well maintained home with curb appeal

It is important to keep up with regular home maintenance to ensure your home’s value, safety, and protection. Spring is the time when many maintenance tasks need to be tackled before the summer heat arrives. From exterior maintenance to interior inspections, here are some essential tasks to keep your home in top condition.


• Inspect the roof for any missing shingles or damage

• Clean or replace gutters and downspouts


• Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries if necessary

• Check windows and doors for any gaps or drafts and caulk or seal any leaks

• Check for any signs of pests and contact a professional if necessary

• Inspect insulation for any signs of mold or mildew

The benefits of regular maintenance on your home ensures its value, safety, and protection. Keeping up with regular maintenance also helps to prevent costly repairs down the road. Additionally, many home insurance policies require that you keep up with maintenance, as generally only sudden and accidental losses are covered by your policy; wear and tear and maintenance issues are not generally covered.


Motorcycle Safety - It's Not Just For Riders

Motorcycle rider with a  helmet and goggles for protection

It’s important for both motorcyclists and other drivers to practice safe driving habits to help prevent motorcycle crashes.

Here are some helpful tips for staying safe on the road:


• Wear the proper safety gear, including a helmet, gloves, jacket, and boots.

Be visible by wearing bright clothing and reflective material.

• Avoid riding while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

• Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

• Follow the rules of the road, including speed limits and traffic signals.


• Be aware of the presence of motorcycles on the road.

• Give motorcycles plenty of space when passing.

• Check your blind spots for motorcyclists before changing lanes.

• Do not tailgate motorcyclists, as they may need to swerve suddenly to avoid an obstacle.

• Always use your turn signals when making a turn.

By following these safety tips, we can all do our part to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents and keep our roads safe.


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