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April Showers - In the Community, How You Can Help Others- Technology Edition, and Outdoor Safety

In the Community

We are delighted that March has presented more opportunities for us to engage with and support the community.

We had a great time co-sponsoring the Active Adult Centers Looking for Leprechauns event. We also volunteered at the City of Wheat Ridge Easter Egg Hunt, which took families on a fun park adventure and allowed them to have safe, socially distanced fun!

How You Can Help Others - Technology Edition

I'm sure, at some point, you've received a call from a bot claiming to be the IRS, threatening that you owe them money, and if you don't wire transfer an absurd amount of money or send a Wal-Mart gift card to a rando address, the cops are coming and you will be thrown in the ol' slammer. Now, imagine you are relatively new to IRS practices, technology, cell phones, and internet scams. Pretty scary, right?

These four tips from the FTC (1) advise how to avoid a scam. Please be sure to have open conversations with our most at-risk populations.

1) Scammers pretend to be an organization you know, commonly the IRS, Social Security Administration, and Medicare services. The IRS, SSA, and other official agencies will not reach out by phone. Never provide sensitive information to someone calling you; instead, hang up and call the agency or provider of services directly.

2) Scammers say there is a PROBLEM or a PRIZE. They may claim there is an emergency with a family member, you are in trouble, or say you have a computer virus. They may also say you have a huge inheritance from your long-lost Aunt Sally in Nigeria, and you'll be a millionaire if you send $5k (yes, this actually happened to me). Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

3) Scammers pressure you to act immediately. Take your time to ensure the facts and never provide payment details over the phone or wire money.

4) Scammers will request a specific form of payment. These forms of payment are often untraceable, like wire transfers and gift card payments.

April Showers - Outdoor Safety During Changing Weather

It is said that April showers bring May flowers, but in Colorado, that's not all it brings. It also brings quickly changing weather patterns.

All too often, we hear of people getting stranded during inclement weather. Remember, never hike alone and always tell someone who is not joining you where you are going and when you will be back. Stay on designated trails, pace yourself, take a map or guide book. Ask a Ranger about weather predictions and where you can get medical care. Stay below treeline during lightning and stay low to the ground!

Below are some items to consider bringing on your next outdoor adventure:

  • Water or a water filtering device

  • Sun protection i.e., sunscreen, hat, SPF chapstick, sunglasses

  • Layers to change into and out of, like dry socks. It is very important to stay dry to avoid hypothermia

  • Emergency supplies, navigation, first-aid kit, signaling, and fire-starting devices

  • Something to pack your trash out in - Let's keep Colorado clean

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