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Welcome Spring - Community Work, Time Change Chores, and Laundry Room Maintenance

In the Community

In February, we delightfully broke free from our "new normal" by volunteering for the first time in a year. We participated in the Wheat Ridge Active Adult Centers Love Bug Drive-thru, providing information and resources to seniors and making them feel extra special and loved. We donated 50 water bottles to Steven's Elementary and a raffle basket to Stober Elementary's PTA Silent Auction. It brought much joy to serve others again meaningfully!


Time Change Chores

March 14th marks Daylight Savings time. As we SPRING FORWARD, remember this is an ideal time to test and replace your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries. I don't know about you guys but I am so ready for warmer weather and longer days!


Laundry Room Maintenance and Safety

This past month we had a flood in our laundry room; our outdoor water spigot froze, resulting in massive amounts of water pouring in from the basement ceiling. I was pretty much freaking out as I sopped up vast amounts of water. This led to an enormous cleaning out and up of this space, giving me the inspiration for this month's newsletter. Upon cleaning up, I moved the washing machine and dryer and was shocked by how much schmutz was back there. Not only did I need to wipe down the backs of both machines, but I also noticed that my hoses connecting to the washer were bulging, like about to burst. So I replaced those, cleaned my dryer vents, and organized all the chemicals and cleaning products stored in the area while I was at it.

In 2017 NFPA (1) reported that over 15,000 fires occurred each year due to washing machines and clothes dryers; 3% were caused by washing machines, the remaining 97% were caused by dryers. These fires caused 13 deaths, 444 injuries, and $238 million in property damage each year.

Here are some things Good Housekeeping (2) suggests to promote laundry room maintenance and safety:

  • Never run your dryer without a lint trap and clean your lint trap after every use

  • Confirm the water connections are tight and leak-free

  • Ensure your vent is in good condition, not pinched or damaged, that your exhaust opens properly, and is free of exterior blockages like snow or a non-functioning cover.

  • Don't overload your dryerMark all chemicals and make sure they are stored safely. Keep your machines doors locked even when the machine is not in use, especially if you have children

  • Never leave water or soaking clothes unattended in buckets or containers; children may easily topple in or consume the dangerous water

  • Above all, NEVER leave your dryer running if you leave your house or go to bed!

Hopefully, these small tips will provide you some peace of mind about your current laundry room safety routine and give you some ideas and practices to implement to ensure you and your family are safe in your home.




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